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Opportunity Insights

Harvard University

1280 Massachusetts Avenue, Box #201

Cambridge, MA 02138

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I am Florian Mudekereza. I hold a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.A. in Applied Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Hunter College, NY.

My primary research interest lies at the intersection of Game Theory and Econometrics, where I aim to incorporate statistical inference in games. That is, identifying formal ways in which statistical theory could be used to study, interpret, and predict the strategic behavior of agents in the world. My second interest is to understand economic and racial inequality.

I am currently a Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow at Opportunity Insights, Harvard University, and simultaneously a member of the Core Data Science team at Meta-Facebook.

Recent talks:

  • Applied Mathematics Seminar (2021), Hunter College, NY. (slides)

  • Applied Probability & Statistics Seminar (2021), Hunter College, NY. (slides)

  • Data Science & Topological Data Analysis Seminar (2020), Graduate Center, NY. (slides)